The November update comes with important changes to reinspections and we bring the mobile floorplan designer to the backend office suite!

Important Reinspection Changes in November surveying app update

For existing users of the TEAMS Surveying 2.0 app for iOS and Android, this month’s app update brings with it enhancements to the reinspection system, designed to give better visibility of the existing items at the site, as well as increased speed while working with this existing data they download for the site.

Any downloaded data will now appear within the normal screens of the surveying system but in a ‘ghosted’ state. Positive building, floors and rooms will appear with red text to make it very easy for the surveyor to see where ACMs were identified previously.

Simply tapping the building, the floor or the room will then add this area to the new survey and allow the surveyor to add in previous items in these areas or add new inspections.

Shortcuts when adding the rooms in will also allow the surveyor to quickly and easily fill a room with all the previously identified items ready to inspect and update accordingly.

NEW! Back office editing of your mobile floorplans – directly in TEAMS using just your browser.

For as long as TEAMS have provided our mobile floorplan designer, consultancies have asked for the same tools to be made available at the office to edit the floorplans post survey.

Thanks to advances in browser technology, we are happy to announce that the floorplan designer from your favourite mobileTEAMS 2.0 app is now available in the office suite at report production stage.

This means plans that have been created on the tablets in the field can now be fully manipulated directly within TEAMS itself using the same set of tools that the surveyors used themselves. Drag and drop elements around, alter text, reposition doors and so much more, all from within your browser, in TEAMS itself.

The new office based editor is also 100% compatible with our auto-colour tools (item marker and area marker) which change the colour of your text labels and shade in the areas of your plan based on the sample results – completely automatically.

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