New integrated support request system now available for all clients

New integrated support request system now available for all clients

We are big fans of emails. In this day and age, it would be almost impossible to run a business without them. Whether it be communicating with colleagues, placing orders with suppliers or following up with clients, they are a vital part of today’s communication. We know your inbox can be a busy place, so in an effort to reduce the traffic coming in and out of it, we have built a new support request system directly into TEAMS to handle the communications from you to us.

This purpose built facility is easy to use, fast and convenient. Simply pop in the details of the support request you have and hit send.

Work is already underway to extend this facility to give you even more traceability of support requests that are being send, alerts for when requests are complete as well as statistics. All of this and not a single email in your inbox!

Other updates this month

Numerous other updates, tweaks and enhancements have been rolled out this month including;

  • Additional filters on people picker controls to allow the larger consultancies with numerous employees to find people faster.
  • Updated the auto-email on approval functionality so it updates to the status of the job.
  • Tweaked office end Survey Editor now displays more informative text regarding PA and Management options.
  • Add filter to the Add/Edit Portal Users screen to allow filtering of the restricted site list.

…plus many more. Please see the ‘News’ feature on the TEAMS landing screen for the full list of updates this month.

Legionella app updates

We are pleased to announce a new update to the TEAMS Legionella app for both iOS and Android devices. Below is a sneak peek of what’s included;

  • New outlet question functionality has been added.
  • New outlet replication functionality has been added.
  • New option available to turn on that no longer prompts the user whether they want to create the triggered risk, and the system will automatically create the task without prompt.
  • New option to have multiple tabs of questions on assets for better organisation of questions.
  • Added customer sign off functionality from the asbestos surveying and air testing apps.
  • Under the hood improvements to device licensing.
  • Better navigation controls so you can jump between Locations on a site faster.
  • Other general updates and improvements.



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