June update landing with new Legionella update

Legionella app update

The TEAMS Legionella app is getting some attention this month with updates and improvements. The main change is to do with triggered tasks and risks upon answering a question.

When a question is answered in such a way that will trigger a risk/task, a new screen will pop up that will list the risk/tasks that have been triggered. This is to give more control and awareness to the onsite staff over what is being inputted into the system at the point that it is triggered.

The original screen (shown left) is currently what the field staff would see when a risk/task is triggered, by clicking proceed it added the risk/tasks into the system, clicking cancel it did not

The new screen (shown right) is what the field staff will see once the app update has been applied. The updated screen will now provide the risk description and has the options to pick which of the risks you want/do not want added. The default will place a tick next to all risks/tasks and as such will behaviour as the current version does.

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