Help and New Feature Requests

Among other important updates, the February update includes a brand new feature that will allow you to submit new feature and help requests directly from the TEAMS office system.

While navigating around the TEAMS office system, you will now see a blue ‘Need help?’ button, so if you are ever need to lodge a support request, but cannot access a phone, or don’t have time for a phone call, simply click the ‘Need Help’ button, and fill in the form that will appear with some brief details.

This will then be fired off to our Support team, who will pick up, and assist with your query.

For those with Manager level access, a ‘Request a feature’ button will also sit alongside the ‘Need help?’ button, when accessing the ‘Management’ section. If you have an idea, or a feature you would like to see added to the TEAMS system, either let your manager know, or if you are a manager, select the ‘Request a feature’ button, fill in the form that will appear and send it through.

This will arrive with our new features team, who will get in touch to go through your suggestion.

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