TEAMS Enterprise

We understood that there were a lot of enterprise class clients that work with different consultancies, and would benefit from a management system that housed all of their reports and site data in one place. As a result TEAMS Enterprise was born, a platform that offers an infinitely scalable asbestos management solution for end users powered by the largest connected network of independent asbestos consultancies up and down the UK, and gives you more control over data.

With the Enterprise platform, surveying consultancies can now request survey data directly from your TEAMS Enterprise server, download this latest data for a site to their tablets, and once the survey has been completed and approved by the consultancy, the updated survey data and latest survey PDF is returned back to TEAMS Enterprise automatically.

All this and not a single export CSV file in sight!

TEAMS has a very long history of working with partners to share data between different systems, and with TEAMS Enterprise, our tool kit has been extended to make this even easier.

We maintain a number of different APIs and web services that can allow your data to be pushed, pulled or polled from TEAMS Enterprise to your existing 3rd party systems as quickly and as easily as possible.

To find out more about our TEAMS Enterprise platform, or to book a remote demonstration, give us a call on 01395 411319 or email