Connecting real world items to live asbestos and legionella data via QR codes

Making asbestos and legionella data more accessible is a big deal for consultancies, and TEAMS QR codes aims to provide users with further tools to bridge this gap.

The process of creating QR codes is extremely straightforward and they can be added to existing or new surveys as well.

During a survey, each item is automatically assigned a unique reference number, and while the report is being generated the TEAMS system automatically creates a corresponding QR code for each reference number.

The QR codes can then be generated as part of the report, and in turn, printed off and placed within the building to denote a particular ACM, water system asset or outlet. When future surveys are carried out at the site, the QR codes can be scanned, and the TEAMS system will display the data for the relevant ACM or water systems asset that the QR code has been placed against.