TEAMS Xero and Sage integration, are you on repeat repeat repeat or not using it all?

Are you having to invoice on TEAMS and enter the invoice again on Xero or Sage separately? When a client updates their contact details, do you have to change it on TEAMS and then repeat, and update on Xero and Sage? Or do you just invoice on Xero and Sage, having to continually cross reference TEAMS and Xero/Sage records to keep on top of your invoicing?

Integrate TEAMS with your Xero or Sage accounting software and you will be able to;

  • Create, update and remove invoices on TEAMS, and the changes will automatically appear in Xero/Sage
  • Remove or update existing credit notes, and the changes will come through on Xero/Sage automatically and remove credit notes
  • Create new contacts, or update existing client contact details on TEAMS, and these changes will appear in Xero and Sage

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