TEAMS Sample Exchange enables consultancies and labs to connect and engage like no other platform.

TEAMS Sample Exchange enables consultancies and labs to connect and engage like no other platform.

TEAMS Sample Exchange, enables consultancies to send their samples collected during a survey to a lab to carry out the sample analysis process.

Consultancies can contact any of the TEAMS Sample Exchange enabled labs, and come to an agreement to carry out the sample analysis.

Once a survey has been completed, any samples collected are sent to the lab as normal. When the physical samples arrive at the lab, a stand-alone report will need to be created within the ‘Samples’ section.

From here the corresponding sample data collected during the survey is then “checked in”, and all associated job and sample data will be downloaded from TEAMS Sample Exchange. The sample data will then appear automatically in the TEAMS lab screens, ready for analysis.

Once the normal TEAMS sample analysis process is complete, TEAMS Sample Exchange automatically collects the results, classifications and PDF bulk reports and delivers them back to the consultancy that carried out the survey electronically. The results require no admin involvement, and will update the reports and findings automatically.

The consultancy can then carry on with the report generation process as normal.


TEAMS Sample Exchange FAQs

Who benefits from this?

The laboratory: The receiving lab has no admin involved in setting up the samples for analysis, and no admin involved when issuing the sample certificate afterwards.

The consultancy: The sending consultancy has no admin involved in getting their results and PDFs back into their system once the lab has completed the work.

What about client specific material descriptions?

If there are any specific requirements for material descriptions (classifications) in place, TEAMS Sample Exchange will automatically cater for these.

When the lab performing the analysis indicates the type of material, a second dropdown list will appear displaying a list of client specific material descriptions from the original consultant. This is automatically drawn from the original consultant when the sample results are sent to the consultancy.

The labs own material description opinion is still shown on the certificate, but the consultant receiving the data back from the lab with also receive material descriptions they are familiar with also.

How quickly can I expect my sample results back?

Once the lab has finished analysing the samples, the results will be sent to your TEAMS system directly. You can expect to find your results in your TEAMS system in as little as 15 minutes after the lab has approved them.


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