Looking at How to Keep Track of and Tracing your Equipment

Every TEAMS package comes with the ability to track and trace equipment, whether you’re a consultancy or a laboratory, small, medium or large organisation, you can manage your equipment from within TEAMS. Flexible, built-in equipment lists remove the need and hassle of externally recording where and when calibrated equipment is used, and when it requires re-calibration.

TEAMS office
A dedicated Equipment section is housed within the Management section of TEAMS. In here you will be able to record all of your pieces of equipment. Within the equipment section there is an extensive list of all different types of equipment.

To record a piece of equipment, you just need to select the relevant equipment type, such as lab microscope, full face respirator mask, dust analyser etc. and you will be presented with a form to complete.

In the form you can record details such as the member of staff it is assigned to, the branch or office it is kept at, as well as any reference or serial numbers. You will also be able to set dates for tests and checks. Alongside this, you can also input dates for checks and tests to be carried out, such as PAT tests, when service or calibration checks are due or when in-house tests will be due to be carried out, as well as set how often these need to take place.

Once entered, the system will monitor the frequency of the checks, and test due dates before issuing notifications that a piece of equipment is due, or overdue for a test/check.

Mobile TEAMS

When onsite, the equipment list is presented on the user’s mobile unit, with their own assigned equipment already pre-loaded. Users have the option to select the equipment that is being used for that specific job. Once selected, the user has the option to carry out a check of the equipment, and record any faults or defects, which in turn, is fed back to the office once the job is completed.

Any available equipment that hasn’t been assigned to an individual, can also be selected before a job is started, and the user has the same option of undertaking a check of the equipment selected, and recording any potential faults or defects.

Built-in calibration date checks warn and inform surveyors and air testers if equipment is due or overdue recalibration, which ensures reliable equipment is used at all times.


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