Covid-19 Service Update

COVID-19 statement:

Mark One Consultants are continuing to monitor the latest updates and information regarding the COVID-19 virus.

With this in mind, we are undertaking additional measures to ensure we safeguard the health of our team while keeping operations and services functioning as normal. Subsequently, we are now restricting access to our offices to all but non-essential access. If you have a prearranged meeting with us, we will be in touch to provide details either for a video conference or arrange an alternative meeting date.

Additionally, we are restricting our onsite visits to client premises. We will still perform onsite work but only when every other method of support is not possible.

We are also assisting our team members to work from home, and self-isolate when deemed necessary. This will mean a reduced number of team members will be available in the office, however, systems and processes are in place that will allow us to continue supporting our clients as normal.

Should you have any queries relating to the service Mark One Consultants provides, please do not hesitate to get in touch, and thank you for your understanding.