TEAMS Surveying becomes TEAMS Asbestos 3.0

TEAMS Surveying becomes TEAMS Asbestos 3.0

We’ve been working hard on improving the performance under the hood of the TEAMS Surveying App and are pleased to announce that a brand-new version will be available in the Android App store very soon rebranded as TEAMS Asbestos 3.0!

The TEAMS Asbestos 3.0 App is being released due to underlying changes to the back-end system of the App, which will improve performance, among many other improvements.
There will be no change to the functionality or layout of the App. All clients can continue to use the new 3.0 App as normal.

The new App can be installed alongside the current Surveying App.  Once you’ve installed TEAMS Asbestos 3.0 please carry on and finish your current work in the current Surveying App and then switch to the new one for any new work.

Once everyone has transitioned to TEAMS Asbestos 3.0, we will be removing the Surveying App from the App Store.

We will be in contact with you again soon to ensure this process goes smoothly.


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