Urgent message to any remaining users of old Windows powered mobileTEAMS apps

Back in 2019, you will have received notifications from us stating that we were planning to upgrade our mobile apps to operate on newer Android and iOS tablets, and move away from the original Windows platform on site. Since this time, the vast majority of clients have moved across to newer Android/iOS tablets and new clients that have joined us since this time, obviously have been using Android and iOS devices from the beginning.

For all the clients above, please ignore this message.

For any clients still operating Windows powered tablets and laptops out onsite, unfortunately the time has come for these old tablets/laptops now to be retired. Technology in general as well as the tablet devices themselves have greatly moved on and the latest versions of the TEAMS family apps (surveying, air monitoring and legionella) all take advantage of this giving you increased speed, longer battery life, better connectivity and of course far superior cameras. As well as this, given the recent cyber-attacks across the globe, it is now more important than ever to move away from the older technology in order to help stay secure.

Based on this last point specifically, we have decided to block these older Windows tablets/laptops from running a DTS from this time on.

This decision was not taken lightly and as stated, notifications went out way back in 2019 saying that Windows tablets/laptops would be phased out. The time has arrived as the security risk is too great to allow them continue.

For tablets currently in use with data on them our team or your IT team can assist in getting the data back to the server so that the unit can be replaced with either Android or Apple units. Once the data has transferred, I would strongly advise replacing the old tablets immediately. Any 10″ tablet with android version 11 that has 4Gb ram 32Gb hard disk space will run TEAMS. Latest version of apple will also run it.

Please could you make the field staff aware along with senior management. If they have any issues, please call Mark McLaughlin on the 01935 411319, where Mark will do his best to take the call.