HSG 248 changes and TEAMS

The HSE published updated guidance for HSG248 in May this year, and it has been updated to take into consideration interventions and developments in analytical procedures and methodology.

As a result, we are currently developing updates for the TEAMS system in line with additions outlined within the release of HSG248.

In preparation for the incoming changes, we have been carrying out a lot of background work within the TEAMS Air Monitoring app. Some of these updates have already been released and are available in TEAMS software already, such as including photo capture at each stage of a clearance and additional questions to be answered to cover items such as the active disturbance and estimated time to complete visual inspection.

Amongst other updates, we are now working on the Laboratory module, and, in particular the sample analysis functionality, to give users the changes outlined in the HSG248 guidance, within the QC system and sample preparation etc.

If your consultancy has not already started, now is the time to be looking at your templates and internal processes to ensure the incoming changes are being met, and your consultancy continues to remain compliant, before the deadline for implementation comes into effect.

If you have any queries regarding the changes in guidance, and how these affect your report templates, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Further information regarding HSG248 can be found here

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